“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.”

– Paulo Coelho

You must have come across “The Alchemist.”

If you haven’t yet (*spoiler alert), it’s an inspiring novel by Paulo Coelho about a young boy (Santiago) who embarks on a journey, travelling from Spain to north-eastern Africa, in search of the treasure he saw in a dream. However, he realizes that the real treasure is the lessons, growth, and experiences born out of the journey itself.

At some point in your life, you may have heard some variation of “it is the journey, not the destination that matters.”

And, if you think back to the times you thought to yourself, “Wow. If I hadn’t undergone that, I wouldn’t be the person I am today” or “If that hadn’t happened, I would still be in that place doing that instead of here, doing this,” you may find that it was a particularly tough or challenging journey that prompted the biggest transformation.

That being said, when we find ourselves in a difficult part of a journey —feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, and fearful — we are unable to see past the challenges.

We are unable to see opportunities nestled within the struggle.

Some journeys — like transitions from one point/phase in our lives to another — can also leave us feeling unprepared and a little or a lot, lost.

As if the identity we’ve built for ourselves is beginning to unravel like a ball of yarn.

As if the tools in our toolbox don’t seem to work as well in this new phase of our lives.

As if everything is changing so quickly, we can barely keep up.

Having undergone many, many difficult transitions in my life, I know all too well what this all feels like. To mention a few, losing my previous husband to a heart attack and losing  my health, with the diagnosis of a chronic disease.

This is why Turning Point is so very special to me. I am launching this new online program 1 August 2021 after I worked through my next transition of moving to another part in my country. I am revisiting my own “handbook for life” as I face this transition.

Turning Point is a compilation of all the teachings, training, and focused guidance I never had when I was going through various transitions in my life previously. But now I have acquired more wisdom and insights by taking hundreds of clients through transitions and going through my own with far more awareness and presence.

With over 60 hours of live training sessions, Q & A sessions, meditations, recorded teachings, and other resources, this 12-week online program is for any woman undergoing a transition in her life, whether that transition may be from:

  • Living with a partner to living alone (as a result of divorce, separation, or death)
  • Being employed to being unemployed (through job loss or retirement)
  • Being healthy to developing an illness
  • Having kids in the home to having an empty nest
  • Having a young body to experiencing menopause
  • Moving past menopause into mid-life
  • Relocating to another town, city, province, or country
  • Becoming a new mother
  • Feeling satisfied with life/where you are now to desiring change

By being a part of Turning Point, in the company of dynamic women like yourself, you will have all the support, warmth, and encouragement you need to journey deep within yourself and find the hidden treasures that lie within.

If Turning Point is something that calls out to you, drop me an email at ilze@ilzealberts.com or send me a WhatsApp. I will connect with you on a discovery call to chat about this opportunity. Together we can explore if this is waiting for you to join. A chat with me is free, just exploring and finding out more.

I am looking forward to hear from you.

From my heart to yours,


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