“The mind is a powerful force. It can enslave us or empower us.”    – David Cuschieri

How often does your mind act in your best interest?

How often does it sabotage you?

The answers to these questions are determined by your Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ), which is the percentage of time (ranging from 0 to 100) your mind acts in your best interest as opposed to sabotaging you.

Positive Intelligence (as defined by Shirzad Chamine in his book, “Postive Intelligence”) is thus an indication of the amount of control you have over your mind and your ability to direct your mind to act in your best interest.

In my previous email (also available here: https://ilzealberts.isorise.com/general/positive-intelligence-part-1-is-your-mind-sabotaging-you/), I broke down the 10 Saboteurs – those automatic mind patterns developed in childhood which we no longer need as adults.

However, they remain in our minds, influencing our actions and sabotaging our efforts.

But, we each have access to a deeper, wiser part of our minds.

The part that can resist the influence of the Saboteurs.

The part that is able to identify the opportunity/blessing in every challenge or obstacle we face.

That part is called the Sage.

The Sage has 5 great powers that you can tap into to tackle and overcome life’s challenges. Here’s how:

Power #1: Empathizing with yourself and others

Empathizing with yourself and others is about feeling and showing genuine compassion and understanding.

The Sage’s power of empathizing is most useful when you are experiencing emotional pain or difficulty.

To tap into this power, visualize yourself or the person you are upset with as a young child before the Saboteurs became an active presence. Picture this vibrant child snuggling with a pet, running around the garden, gleefully chasing after a butterfly, or doing something else that triggers in you feelings of empathy and care.

Trust that the true essence of this child is still there in yourself or the other person, but has been masked by the Saboteurs.

Power #2: Exploring

Accessing the Sage’s power of exploring enables you to approach challenges with a sense of curiosity, openness, wonder, and fascination.

The Sage asks: What more can I discover?

This power is most useful when you could benefit from a deeper understanding of a problem or situation or wish to learn from past failures.

Very often (as a result of Saboteur interference), we neglect to fully explore all pertinent information before arriving at a solution or action, thereby missing the opportunity of discovering important things.

You can tap into the power of exploring by merely observing things as they are, without judgment or wanting to change or take control of the situation.

Power #3: Innovating

The Sage’s power of innovating is about thinking out of the box to identify a whole new way of doing things.

This power is most helpful when the old or more obvious way of doing things just doesn’t work.

To access this power, give your mind one instruction: Think of as many ideas as possible without pausing to evaluate them as they pop up. (Evaluation at this point encourages Saboteur interference).

The aim is to produce a large number of ideas without worrying about the quality.

Playing the “Yes…and…” game is a great way to spur on ideas.

Depending on the situation, you can either play this game in your head (individual problem) or in a team setting (team problem) by following every new idea with the line, “Yes, what I love about that idea is…and…”

For example, “Yes, what I love about that idea is that it would help me cut down the amount of sugar I consume. And I could set aside 30 minutes a day to exercise.”

Power #4: Navigating

The power of navigating is about choosing between different paths or alternatives based on your highest values/that which gives your life purpose.

This power is best utilized when there are many paths/alternatives available, some more aligned to your highest values than others.

Tap into the Sage’s power of navigating by flash forwarding to the end of your life and looking back at the different paths/alternatives you have to choose between. From this point, what do you wish you had chosen?

Power #5: Activating

This power allows you to have a laser-like focus on action and not become derailed or distracted by Saboteurs.

The Sage’s 5th power is most needed when it is clear what action steps you wish to take.

You can access this power by putting yourself in your top Saboteurs’ shoes. How will they try to sabotage your course of action?

Once you have anticipated how they might sabotage you, you will be able to intercept their lies and justifications and let go of them more easily as they arise.

Remember, you always have access to your Sage’s powers.

You are not at the mercy of your Saboteurs. Although our Saboteurs can sow havoc in your live, without you recognising them.

So, what type of life do YOU truly desire to live?

And are you ready to live it?

Drop me an email at ilze@ilzealberts.com or send me a WhatsApp if you would love to learn how to best utilize your Sage to overcome the challenges you face.

Let’s have an obligation-free chat. Let’s decide on a course of action to co-create your heart’s desires.

From my heart to yours,


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