“We must look for ways to be an active force in our own lives. We must take charge of our own destinies, design a life of substance, and truly begin to live our dreams.”

– Les Brown

I think there is something deeply meaningful that is birthed from moments of “stuckness” or moments of feeling lost and a little off balance.

We uncover resiliency we never knew we had.

We learn things about ourselves, about the human condition we would otherwise never have learned.

And we are gifted an opportunity to forge an identity, a narrative that speaks directly to the new things we learned about ourselves along the way.

Of course, it doesn’t feel that way in those moments of “stuckness.”

It doesn’t feel that way when we’re in the middle of a life transition, wobbling between the “old” and the “new,” trying to understand who we are in the face of these massive changes in our lives.

Perhaps it is then that a community of support and guidance becomes an invaluable tool.

An anchor to hold on to when we need it the most.

My online program, Turning Point — the anchor I believe would have made a world of difference each and every time I was undergoing massive transitions that really tested my limits — is something I wish to offer to women undergoing transitions of their own.

Transitions such as:

  • Being married/in a committed relationship to being single
  • Working to becoming unemployed
  • Working to entering retirement
  • Having good health to developing an illness
  • Having kids in the home to having an empty nest
  • Being content with life to desiring a change
  • Entering motherhood for the first time/again
  • Entering menopause/mid-life/another decade of life
  • Moving from a young body into an older one
  • Relocating to another town, city, province, or country

Turning Point isn’t just about solving a problem with a formulaic solution.

It’s about understanding how universal laws govern our lives,  rediscovering your inner voice, sharing experiences in a safe, controlled environment with other women undergoing transitions of their own, and crafting the narrative of what you want your life to look like.

Over a course of 12 weeks, you will undergo a journey — transitioning past the discomfort, uncertainty, and pain, into a place of appreciation, authenticity, and fulfilment.

You will have access to over 60 hours of live training and Q & A sessions with me, recorded teachings, meditations, worksheets, and other resources.

Most importantly, you will not have to face your challenges alone.

Through Turning Point, I wish to offer you an online home filled with warmth, comfort, and unconditional love.

If you are facing a difficult transition and would love to be supported, guided, and mentored through your journey, I am here for you.

Drop me an email (ilze@ilzealberts.com) or send me a WhatsApp and I will gladly set aside some time to have a chat with you.


From my heart to yours,


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