“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” – Unknown
I have been working and interacting with women for 40 years, and one thing I know is that women are powerful. Incredibly powerful. But many don’t know it or live it. Helping women own their power and rise up to be the absolute best version of themselves is not only a blessing I count (more than once) every day but also the inspiration behind a program that is very special to me. My Circle of Women 6-month online program is specifically designed for women like you. Women who are ready to stand at the steering wheel and take charge of their life. So, are you ready to accept this personal invitation and join me on a  transformational journey? A “Yes” to this invitation gives you:
  • One Zoom session of 120 minutes every month for 6 months of investing in yourself and growing yourself. That’s 6 Zoom sessions over 6 months.
  • Access to a members-only Circle of Women Facebook group where I will share ALL recorded sessions and offer additional support and guidance. This will be the place where more mentoring and support will take place in-between our monthly Zoom meetings.
  • A wonderful opportunity to be part of a tribe of very special women.
How does the program work?
  • Every month, we will meet on a 120-minute Zoom call where I will be mentoring and doing exercises with you to help you empower yourself in all seven areas of life (that is, mental, physical, vocational, financial, familial, social, and spiritual). Consider this your 6 months mentoring/therapy process with me.
  • All Zoom sessions will be facilitated within a community of like-minded women because magic starts to happen when women form a tribe.
  • You will learn from me and equally from other women in a professional, confidential, respectful, and loving environment.
When will the Zoom sessions take place?
  • Kick-off date: 17 February 2022 at 8h30-10h30 Central Africa Time (CAT)
  • Session 2: 17 March at 8h30-10h30 CAT
  • Session 3: 14 April at 8h30-10h30 CAT
  • Session 4: 12 May at 8h30-10h30 CAT
  • Session 5: 23 June at 8h30-10h30 CAT
  • Session 6: 21 July at 8h30-10h30 CAT
How much does the program cost?
  • R1999 or £95 per month.
  • Your membership to the Circle of Women Facebook group (included in the cost) will also run on a month-to-month basis unless you inform us that you do not wish to join for the month.
You will, unfortunately, then lose your membership of the Facebook group. Honestly, very little brings me as much joy as seeing remarkable women (like you) transform. I know the impact this has on both families and communities. Change, after all, starts from within. So, what do you say? Are you in? Reply “I am in” to this email (ilze@ilzealberts.com) if you are ready to accept this invitation to transform your life and create a ripple effect. Let me know if you first want to have a chat with me by sending me a WhatsApp message. From my heart to yours, Ilze By the way, this is what other women have to say about doing online programs for women with me: “She opens up a world of possibilities to you what you never thought possible.  I will for always be grateful for walking this road with Ilze and I will encourage each and every one to open themselves up to this amazing opportunity to live your life with no limitations.” “The hearts and hands of a tribe of extraordinary women kept space for me, lifted me higher and supported me in amazing ways, and we will be heart-friends for life!”   “I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to break through the hardwired patterns of their identity and who seriously wants to explore different ways to create new possibilities and change in their life.   Ilze Alberts has facilitated this program in a loving, graceful, and inspirational way.  The life skills, insights and friendships that emerged from this group are priceless.” “It has empowered me in very practical ways of how I attract the life I want to live. I continue to call it and it continues to find me. Truly powerful and practical tools to do life” “I honestly did not know what to expect. I chose to start the journey with Ilze and see where it took me – which was truly a life changing experience which I will cherish. I was introduced to an incredible group of women and together we were guided by the incredibly skilled and strong hand of Ilze on a journey of re-discovering our true nature and heat’s desires. The skills and teachings are relevant to every aspect of day to day life- and honestly has changed the way in which I see every interaction. I am eternally grateful to Ilze and the incredible women I spent my tine with.”

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