“Allow yourself to awaken to the divine order of the universe, and you’ll find love at the center.”

– Dr. John F. Demartini

February is often called “the month of love”.

With Valentine’s Day smack dab in the middle of the month, a great deal of emphasis is placed on romance.

Chocolates. Flowers. Candle-lit dinners.

But come 15th February and things have simmered down.

That’s because romance, while exciting and electrifying, isn’t sustainable.

Only love is.

This month of love, give the gift of understanding, acceptance, and appreciation (while lays at the heart of love) by applying these 3 laws that govern ALL relationships:


The Law of Conservation

This law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed; it merely changes its form. Based on this law, all human traits are conserved through time. So, while they may change appearance, they never disappear.

Let’s look at two scenarios that demonstrate this law:

  1. Jane perceives that John is not a “thoughtful” person because he did not take her out for dinner on Valentine’s Day. He did, however, buy her an orthopaedic pillow after she complained about getting neck sprains.


Jane’s perception that John isn’t thoughtful is an illusion because NOTHING can ever be “missing” in anyone. John’s thoughtfulness exists in a form Jane hasn’t acknowledged.


  1. Eliza describes her new partner to her friend: “Oh, Edward is wonderful!” she says. “He is just soo spontaneous! I still can’t believe he’s with ‘I-need-to-plan-everything’ old me.”


Eliza’s friend replies: “You can be spontaneous! Remember that night I called you crying about Clint? You were at my doorstep an hour later, pizza and chocolates in hand.”


In this scenario, Eliza perceives herself to be lacking spontaneity. She sees Edward as the one bringing spontaneity to the relationship, not realizing that she, like ALL human beings, also possesses this trait, albeit in a different form.


The Law of Polarity

According to this law, EVERYTHING can be separated into two opposite parts, with each of these parts containing the potentiality of the other.

For example, white has black, elation cannot exist without depression, there cannot be kindness without cruelty, etc.

Similarly, no one in this universe is purely good or bad, nor is any event purely good or bad. Labelling people and things as either one prevents you from seeing the whole picture.

Let’s look at two scenarios:

  1. Maria’s fiancé has agreed to have their wedding in the Bahamas. Maria is ecstatic! It has been a dream of hers to have a fancy location wedding. However, she remembers both her and Matt’s grandparents who will not be able to travel so far and feels depressed.


In this scenario, Maria experiences both elation and depression as one cannot exist without the other. Having experienced both extremes of emotions, Maria now has a clearer picture: a location wedding is both good and bad.


  1. Pete’s girlfriend has just ended their relationship. Feeling upset and dejected, Pete shoots off a message to his sister, explaining what happened.


Pete’s sister texts back: Aww, Petey. I’m sorry 😔. Maybe things worked out for the best? Pricilla never wanted kids. You do.


Peter and Pricilla’s breakup isn’t all bad. There is good in it, too — it­ opens the door for Peter to pursue a relationship with someone who, like him, would love to start a family.


The Law of Equilibrium

Sir Isaac Newton discovered that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. 

This means that at any given moment, irrespective of whether things appear one-sided, there exists an equal and opposite reaction that occurs simultaneously.

For example, Mum has been criticizing Dad’s new haircut. But in that exact moment, you were just thinking how trendy and youthful Dad looks with his new haircut.

You can ALWAYS count on the fact that someone will build you up/support you whenever someone else is tearing you down/challenging you, and vice versa. This will be done simultaneously because the universe maintains an inherent balance.


Have you ever heard of or applied these 3 laws before?

Would you love to learn how to apply these laws to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the events and relationships in your life?

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