Kim Carolin

I first met Ilze after listening to a’ birds and bees talk’ which unbeknown to me would be the start of a unique relationship.

Sometime after that my husband and I consulted with Ilze, there had been a lot of talk around divorce, that was about 10 years ago – we are still married and have a significantly different relationship to when we first met Ilze.

Since then I have been privileged to attend various programs of Ilze’s as well as consult with her from time to time. I have journeyed a beautiful path of learning from Ilze and alongside her, growing as a person in many spheres of life.

What stands out most significantly to me is each time I have consulted with Ilze I have been struck by how she has the ability to understand the heart of the matter quickly and using few words with a high impact she shifts your thinking to a new level. Ilze is a master with words and gets you to a new paradigm shift in your thinking quickly, in fact before you know it you have overcome the obstacle and find yourself taking on an even greater challenge because she has given you the tools to do so.

I found myself facing things which I had feared could only have a negative outcome if I did so, with her masterful guidance the opposite proved to be true.

More recently in 1-hour Ilze assisted me to overcome the terror I felt in giving a presentation to an international audience. Once again Ilze identified specifically my anxiety, and with clear masterful wording she guided me to a point of calm certainty that assisted me in giving the presentation without the hindrance of being overcome with nerves.

I am deeply grateful to you Ilze for your wisdom with words – your innate gift has helped me in every area of life.