E.S. Vagis

Once a wealthy ship magnate had a ship’s engine that could not be repaired by his engineers. He spent a fortune trying to fix it without success.

At last a colleague referred him to an old, retired engineer. The old man was called in and arrived with a small black toolbox. He opened the toolbox and took out a stethoscope.

He took a few minutes listening to and examining the engine. He then took out a hammer and hit strongly on a particular engine part. As the third blow of the hammer landed, the engine sputtered back to life.

The owner was thrilled.

The next day the retired engineer sent his invoice for a million dollars. The boss nearly had a stroke.

He wrote to the old man demanding to know how he justified such a bill for such a short amount of work.

The old man responded with a revised bill: “$100 for inspecting the engine ; $999,900 for knowing where to hammer”

The boss paid.”

Ilze can be linked to the retired engineer. She knows what to listen for and where to hammer to get the fastest and most profound results!

Needless to say, … I pay with a smile as well