Who I am and what qualifies me offering this free webinar:

I am Ilze Alberts, a family-focused psychologist for more than 30 years. I have worked with couples from many parts of the world, both online and in-person, helping them to save their relationships. I am the anchor psychologist for the South African television series “Saving our Marriage.”

“Saving our Marriage” season 1 was aired on SABC3 in 2018, and all 13 episodes are available for you to watch on: YouTube

“Saving our Marriage” season 2 has been filmed during the lockdown in 2020 and will be on air in January 2021.You will find it on SABC3.

I am dedicated to helping individuals and couples to save and restore their relationships. In this way, we ensure a long-lasting family-focused global society firmly anchored in strong relationships.

Families are the foundation of every society, and long-lasting, healthy relationships between couples are the foundation of these families.

I have been married before, and I am currently married to the love of my life. I know the pain of failed relationships, and I know the pleasure of a relationship that works.

Relationships seem to take more strain every year-end. Couples in challenging relationships feel a sense of despair – another year has passed, and the relationship is still in distress. Many marriages and relationships get to an end when another year ends. I believe it’s because people say, “I don’t want another year like we just had. The next year must be better.”

A relationship in distress does not need to end. It’s both a financially and emotionally draining experience. I therefore, have accumulated all my experience in offering a roadmap for couples to restore their relationships. I personally know the pain and devastation of a failed relationship. I wish to help couples to avoid a painful end and instead create an inspiring new start.

What you will learn in this Facebook Live “Relationships Restoration” free webinar:

5 Benefits and Features:

  1. One size does not fit all. Maybe you are a couple in your first marriage. Perhaps you are married a second or even third time with history and kids from previous relationships. Every couple has their unique challenges and needs their unique approach. I will share how couples can avoid the pitfalls of unhappy relationships and pave the way to a more fulfilling relationship.
  2. Communication is an art, but it’s not a prominent art. We are not naturally born with the ability to communicate clearly. All communication is filled with expectations and hopes for acceptance. I will share how effective communication works.
  3. The challenge of money and marriage can be a relationship destroyer. Money problems walking in the front door, pushing love out the front door. I will share how to make money and marriage work.
  4. Love conquers everything. But the lack of love and feeling rejected and not good enough breaks down self-confidence. I will share how to get the love you want.
  5. Friends forever make relationships fun and enjoyable. Enemies of each other make relationships toxic and problematic. I will share how to be friends and lovers, accepting each other, and getting the relationship you desire.


The results you can expect in attending this free webinar:

  1. Closer and more profound relationships because you both work with new insights and awareness. Or you might be the only one watching this webinar. That means you can be the start of the change you wish to see.
  2. Stronger families with a husband and wife or mom and dad show-casing a healthy relationship.
  3. An awareness that bad communication can be a deal-breaker. Taking responsibility for your communication patterns can be the change you wish to see.
  4. You will walk away with a desire to grow yourself so the relationship can grow.
  5. A glimpse of a renewed love for each other because you can start to see a different picture.


In summary, in this free webinar, you will get a renewed insight, a different awareness, and hope that your relationship can be better. It takes one person to bring the change. When the two in the relationship do it together, the difference is even more significant.

Join my free webinar on Facebook Live on Thursday, 5 November 2020 at 20h00 CAT.

Or simply watch it for days afterwards on Facebook

Looking forward to being of service.

From my heart to yours


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