Where do I come from?


This is a story of adventure as brother and sister, Jerry and Fran, visit Missy the wise owl in the woods and find out about where they come from – book aged for children 3 to 7 years old!


Children are naturally curious about their existence and require their parents to constantly share knowledge with them as they grow. Parents send their children to school to empower them intellectually. They encourage their children to make friends, ensuring their social growth and taking care of their children’s spiritual and emotional wellbeing. However, when it comes to sex, most parents tend to neglect their children’s sexual curiosity. Parents can choose to be their child’s primary sexual educator. Parents have loving, caring and nurturing relationships with their children and within these relationships, children often feel comfortable enough to be able to approach their parents with their questions. Parents can learn how to be open and willing to teach their children about sex.
Children are never too young to start asking questions about sex, so parents should be ready and equipped to answer their child’s questions when asked. A good rule of thumb is ‘a small amount of information for small children’ and ‘a bigger amount of information for bigger children’. Children grasp basic information; therefore parents should be straightforward, direct and factual when answering their child’s questions. It is always a good idea to be prepared. The more open and relaxed the parent is, the easier it is for both the child and parent. I continuously encourage parents to empower their children. As parents we are either in or out; there is no in-between.
Therefore, embrace the sexual aspect of being human with enthusiasm.