Guide for parents and teachers: How And When To Tell Your Kids About The Birds And The Bees


Adults are supposed to teach children about the birds and the bees, children are not supposed to teach other children. Children today are exposed to a wide source of information about sexual issues, from the world that has become a global village. I recommend that parents start to equip themselves the right and easy approach to share information with their kids about the birds and the bees from when the child is 3-4 years old.


In this guide, parents and teachers will learn:
Basic principles for sexual education
Naming of body parts
How to explain erection, menstruation, sex, pregnancy and birth
How to handle sexual curiosity, sexual play, self-stimulation
How to respond to dirty talk
How to handle difficult questions like: rape, abortion, AIDS, homosexuality, birth control, prostitution, pornography, circumcision and many more words children can ask
This guide is an absolute must for all parents (and teachers) of children aged 3-12 years.
If the parents do not equip their children with the correct and factual information in a loving and caring way, the kids find the incorrect and sensational “non” facts from their peers, siblings and other children, who know little or lopsided information, that they usually received from other children. Ilze shares all you need to know about how to tell your kids about the birds and the bees.