Passing The Torch – Preserving family wealth beyond the third generation.

I decided in 2015 to write this book and here is my big “why?” I wished to write a manual for my own children and next generations about taking the torch my husband and I will pass to them. I wished to share with them life skills, mindset, human behaviour and inspiration to take the torch and preserve and grow the wealth in all areas of life.
This book has become much bigger than just for my family and getting noticed by international publishers Wiley & Bloomberg made me realise I have a powerful message. It is now April 2018, it took 3 years of writing, researching, taking hands with powerful men, women and families and learning so much. I spend many hours pondering on the solutions, researching and asking questions. The book has been through 2 editors, 2 proofreaders and many negotiations with Wiley & Bloomberg. I am sure you can feel a glimpse of my joy and gratitude that my book has finally seen the light. April 2018 is a significant period in my life – I have achieved what I thought is impossible. Write about a solution for an age old universal problem and getting published by Wiley Bloomberg.
My wish is that you will buy my book, read it and find pleasure and joy in seeing the light clearly. I have dedicated my adult life to building my own powerful family and assisting thousands of parents and children in building theirs. As my book has come to life, my daughter Charne is pregnant with my first grandchild – the third generation. How very appropriate and inspiring.

Pre-order my hardcover book at a special price for South Africans – R399.00 till 30 April 2018 (CONTACT +2760 7434143/ INFO@BELLAVIDA.CO.ZA).

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About the book

Passing the Torch offers much-needed guidance for high net-worth families on what it takes to foster a strong family dynamic to be truly generational. The author reveals how to create a culture of sustainability and growth and endow subsequent generations with the tools and mindset necessary to prosper. With wisdom based on experience, the author shows subsequent generations how to receive the family’s wealth, sustain and grow the family’s capital, and pass the principles of responsible wealth management on to the next generation.
In Passing the Torch, author Ilze Alberts shares her professional wisdom as a wealth psychologist for helping a family’s capital sustain throughout the generations. In this book, she presents the fundamentals of psychological mindedness and the awareness of positive psychology’s developmental practices and assessments. The book offers first-generation wealth creators the information needed to create a culture of sustainability and growth and endow subsequent generations with the tools and ideas necessary to prosper. Passing the Torch reveals that the biggest investment you can make is not only in the smartest financial as sets but also in the human capital of your family. By living a life of prosperity, meaning, purpose, inspiration, and power, it is possible to chart a course for your family to flourish for seven generations and beyond. More than a simple guide to financial management, this book shows how to unlock wealth in all areas of your life including spiritual vision and mission, mental wisdom, vocational fulfillment, family connections, social empowerment, and physical health and vitality. The author helps to identify your burning desires and have certainty about your most cherished dreams and goals.
The book also provides guidance for out-lining practical action steps that are an authentic expression and fulfillment of your vision for your life. You will see how your vision and life purpose serve your family as a whole. The author also encourages lifelong learning to ensure your own empowerment and mastery. This is your important guide to generational wealth that also informs subsequent generations to learn how to receive the torch, sustain and grow the family’s capital, and pass the torch to the next generation.
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About the author

is a Wealth Psychologist, family expert and mentor, and international speaker. Her company, Ilze Alberts Incorporated, has attracted clients such as high net-worth families, leaders of companies and political parties, and heads of prominent families. Ilze speaks at events hosted by wealth departments of banks, financial institutions, wealth conferences, and expos.
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