Moments of Grace

It’s time for me to give back to you.🙏 I am looking forward to host monthly get-togethers called “Moments of Grace” on Tuesday mornings 10 – 12:30 at the Woodlands Office Park in Woodmead.

I wish to create a safe space of sharing, learning and bouncing back from the challenges of life. A place where you will be heard and understood. We will help each other with the stories and experiences we share. đź’Ş
And I will offer my professional expertise as a psychologist. Receiving and sharing tools and solutions is a moment of grace. đź’ź
Cost is R50 per morning and R350 from there. (Includes coffee, tea, and a snack). To book your spot: 060 743 4143 / info@ilzealberts.co.za
Space will be limited. Find out more about Ilze, visit www.bellavida.co.za