A dear client of mine called me the other day, unable to believe what had just happened.

She had manifested her heart’s desire: a man equally as successful as she is, who not only love her for who she is, but caringly embrace her children as well.

When she said to me, “Ilze! I have followed what you have been sharing with us, and it worked for me!” I wasn’t surprised.

She knew exactly what her goal was and connected it to a purpose (Mental Habit #1).

She built her belief by writing down a suitable affirmation, “The perfect plan for me to meet the man who I wish to be in a life partnership with already exists,” which she wrote down and put in places where she would see it often (Mental Habit #2).

And she adopted a positive mental attitude, replacing any negative thoughts with more positive ones — “I believe in the perfect plan,” “The perfect plan for me exists.” (Mental Habit #3)

I said to her, “When we focus on what we desire and open ourselves up to the possibility, we get very pleasant surprises.”

Then I encouraged her to practice Mental Habit #4: Expand the good:

  1. Take in the good daily

Pause for 20-30 seconds at a time to just focus on all the “good” in your life. Doing this a few times each day, allows you to CONSCIOUSLY observe and feel positive emotions such as pleasure, satisfaction, joy, and love, prompting the brain to record those feelings.

  1. Write a daily gratitude list

Gratitude is an incredibly powerful emotion — whenever you are grateful for all you have, you get so much more to be grateful for.

This is why it is good practice to keep a daily record of the things that fill your heart with gratitude.

Write down at least 3 things you are grateful for, challenging yourself to find new things to be grateful for each day.

You can always add to your gratitude list should you find that your mood hasn’t shifted, stacking up more and more things to be grateful for until your heart opens and any negativity you may be feeling has been replaced with a deep sense of thankfulness.

  1. Create strategic joy

Think about all the things that bring you joy. It can be anything — a special song, a good book, a leisurely walk, or even a smile on a loved one’s face.

Focus on CREATING these little bursts of joy in your life every day by taking time to do something that brings you joy.

  1. Appreciate the people in your life

According to Harvard’s Grant and Glueck study — one of the longest-running longitudinal studies on well-being ever conducted — love is the key to a happy, fulfilled life.

George Valiant, who directed the study for over three decades, found that there is a very strong link between the warmth of your relationships and your overall well-being.

You can thus bring about positive emotions by acknowledging and nurturing warm, loving relationships.

So, make a list of all the people in your life whom you love and who offer you love in return. Take a moment to fully appreciate them and the value they bring to your life.

What do you think of the 4 action steps you can take to start expanding the good in your life?

Are you ready to start implementing them?

If you’re wanting to learn a little more about:

  1. How to write your daily gratitude list
  2. What you can do to create strategic joy in your life
  3. How you can make the most out of the findings drawn from Harvard’s Grant and Glueck study

Then watch this video I have made just for you.

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My hope for you is that by practicing the mental habits I have been sharing (look out for Mental Habit #5 next week!), you too will start to manifest your heart’s deepest desires.

And come to see yourself as a shining star.

Lighting up the world with your unique talents.

Because, in all the 7 billion+ people on this earth, there is none quite like you.

And if there is any part of you doubting yourself, doubting that you have anything special to offer, doubting the sheer magnificence of your being, that’s okay.

We can change that.

Drop me an email at ilze@ilzealberts.com if you are ready to embrace your TRUE self and start living your life to its absolute fullest.

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From my heart to yours,


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