Master Planning Your Life: for millennials

I am the mother of 2 millennials and I have witnessed their anxiety and uncertainty when it was time for them to enter the workplace.
Even though both have master’s degrees (one in Psychology and the other in Botany), they didn’t know how to unlock opportunities for themselves after finishing their degrees.
It was only after I mentored them in my program Master Planning For Life that the light went on and they created their own inspiring opportunities.

What do I do now?

Many young adults face this dilemma, after their final school year, after a gap year or after finishing studies – “what do I do now?” It causes tension and a lack of confidence in young adults and anxiety as well as expectations in their parents.
Let me help your young adult find their way to their inspired destiny. I offer Master Planning Your Life: for Millenials
This is a 10-hour mentoring program(2-hour sessions) and can be done face to face in Johannesburg or Cape Town or via the digital world meaning Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime. The investment for the 10 hours is R22 000.00. (Because I am a registered psychologist, a portion can be claimed from medical aid)

How to book:

Phone my assistant Adelle at 0607434143 or email her at

Testimonial from a 26-year old man:

“I am so grateful you came into my life. Without you I would have continued to live my life to please others. Now I know what I want and I know what action steps to take to create my life the way I wish it to be. I received 2 work opportunities after I completed my 10-hours mentorship with you. And I have chosen the opportunity the highest aligned with my values. Thank you very much.”