5 steps to master planning your magnificent 2019:

For the past ten years, I start my year with master planning my life and how I wish for my next year to unfold. Doing it for ten years has shown me the power and success of knowing what you want and putting your action steps in place. I want to encourage you to book a 2 hours session with me (face to face or virtual), so we master plan your 2019. It will blow your mind by the end of 2019 to see the results of doing this.

#1. What and Why

Know what you want and why you want it. The more specific you are what you want, the more willing you are to put effort, energy, actions and time into the process.

#2. Give yourself permission

Permit yourself to dream big and believe in yourself. Close your eyes to old ends and open your heart to new beginnings.

#3. Sense of abundance

Know what you want with a mind believing in abundance. Otherwise, if you have desires from a perception of scarcity, you will perceive that you receive with lack.
Take a pen and paper and list all the abundance in your life; from your relationships, your experiences, the people in your life, your health, your influence and impact on people, your healthy mind to the access to money you have in your life.

#4. Action steps

Make a list of action steps you are willing to take to show your interest and focus on getting what you want.
Maybe you want a better relationship with your life partner, or you wish for your business to make more money.
If you sit and wish for the fairy godmother to come and make it happen, you will wait forever. Be specific in what you want and even more specific, what you are willing to do to receive it.

#5. You don’t know how it will happen

Let go of your expectations of how it will happen, as you are not the one in full control. To help you to have a balanced perception of what you want, imagine the worst-case scenario and believe that is what you are getting.
Then ask the high-quality question “how will the worst-case scenario serve me?” This is the fear-breaker and hope-initiator. You can have what you want, but maybe not in exactly the form and way you want it.
I had a burning desire to have a great relationship with my kids, and I thought being an expert psychologist would assist me in having it. However, what gave me an even more significant relationship with my kids, was being a single mother, not once but twice. Moreover, I desired to have a robust and healthy body, and I thought I could get it through exercises, but a chronic disease gave me an even more significant opportunity to have a healthy and robust body as I refocus on my health, a way of eating and lifestyle.

What is your burning desire? What do you want? Write it down. Then list what YOU are willing to do to achieve it and let go of the outcome. Follow the five steps to get what you want and celebrate your year of abundance.

Invest in yourself this year and book a “Master Planning your Life” session with Ilze.

The investment is R5000 for the 2-hour session. Call 0607434143 or email info@bellavida.co.za to book your 2-hour session.


I am Ilze Alberts,

A life strategist and international educator on strategies to a beautiful life.
My work is to show you how to build your personal well-being, financial position, and family relationships.
I am dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.
I have more than 30 years of experience as a qualified Psychologist, and I am also a Master Demartini Facilitator ™
I love life, and I am looking forward assisting you in creating a beautiful life.

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