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for generations.

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What is generational wealth creation?

High net worth families often experience complicated dynamics in their families, due to the stressors and strains wealth can bring. At Bella Vida we assist high net worth families with acquiring the most appropriate mindset and behavioural strategies to enable the family to be a fulfilled and prosperous family in relationships and personal empowerment.

A family with dynamic and balanced relationships and an interest in unlocking the best in each individual family member has the best road map to becoming a family of impact and power, for generations to come. This is a family who has the best human behaviour strategies and financial strategies to grow and maintain the family wealth for multi-generations by breaking the “rags-to-riches-to-rags” or “shirtsleeve-to-shirtsleeve” in three generations.


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“You have caused myself and my Trustee, to reflect on important aspects of family governance. Through my interaction with you, I have been able to define and begin to articulate the soft issues pertaining to the preservation of family wealth and address the deeper family issues. Your role in awakening the awareness has been an important milestone in creating and then preserving a family heritage for me.”

David P—Generational wealth creator, business owner

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How does it work?

To start, we recommend a consultation with the family leader. Usually, this is the mother or father of the core family. Secondly, we determine the position and goals of the family and develop a roadmap to achieve this. Then we delve deeper and schedule consultations either individual with the other family members or do a group session with the entire family.

If you are unsure on which approach would be best for your family, please contact us to discuss.

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Passing the torch


Transcending Family Wealth Beyond the Third Generation.


Ilze has written this book to first create awareness in families that it is the birthright of every family to be a powerful unit for generations to come.

Secondly, she wants this book to create the awareness in families that it is the birthright of every family member, as individuals, to have the opportunity to unlock their highest potential for their ultimate fulfilment, meaning, inspiration, and prosperity.

Thirdly, bonds of affinity that exist between family members are stronger than blood bonds. It’s important to form bonds of affinity if the family is to continue for generations as a powerful family.

Fourth, it is her heart’s desire to assist families for multiple generations to develop the know-how, the skills, and the human behavioural understanding to keep the family vision growing and growing until the momentum of the snowball keeps on to such an extent that the impact and influence if that vision will be felt seven generations from now.

Fifth, she wishes to assist families in becoming inspired to create and maintain a family vision for multiple generations, to empower the family in transforming the proverb “rags to riches to rags” or “from shirtsleeve to shirtsleeve in three generations.”

For more information please visit www.passingthetorch.co.za


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Watch this space.

Ilze Alberts interviews James E. Hughes, author of the acclaimed book Family Wealth – Keeping it in the family.

Ilze Alberts interviews Dr John Demartini, behaviour specialist about creating and maintaining Generational Family Wealth.

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Who needs Legacy Counselling?

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Every family wants the next generation to avoid the financial dependency and loss of initiative that can all too often be an unwanted consequence of financial success. Let us help you build sustainable family wealth for generations to come.

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What parent doesn’t want their child to be better off – financially, health wise and in opportunities? None of us wants spoiled, rich brats in the family, but we do want to give our kids a good start in life – perhaps a better one than we had – or at least keep up with our changing, ever-richer environment.

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We tend to think about our immediate situation and although that is important, you have to think ahead—way ahead. How will your grandchildren and great-grandchildren benefit from what you are doing today? What impact will it have on their quality of life? What will they be told about the way you lived your life?

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Delve deeper

with some of our family products

Visit our store for products dedicated to you and your family.

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What is the investment?

We charge a value-based fee. 

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For our locals, that’s you with the green bar code ID,

we charge a discounted rate.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Single Consultation –  60 minutes – R 2500,                                              Skype/Zoom/Facetime – R2200
  • Double Consultation – 120 minutes – R 5000,                                          Skype/Zoom/Facetime – R4400
  • 10 x Sessions 60 minutes each R 22 000
  • 20 x Sessions 60 minutes each R 40 000
  • 30 x Sessions 60 minutes each R 57 000

* Accommodation & travel excluded.

International Clients can choose from:

  • Single Consultation –  60 minutes – $ 260
  • Double Consultation – 120 minutes – $ 500
  • 10 x Sessions 60 minutes each $ 2400
  • 20 x Sessions 60 minutes each $ 4440
  • 30 x Sessions 60 minutes each $ 6300

* Accommodation & travel excluded.

Do you want to learn the skills and tools to overcome any challenge, drawback, pain or loss of wealth?

Invest in your biggest asset – your mind. 

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Are you ready for your transformation?

Book a session with Ilze Alberts

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