It’s no secret that marriages and long-term relationships can be either heaven or hell on earth.

If you are like most people, you probably want to live happily ever after with the person of your dreams. I remember staring for hours (it felt like hours at the age of 5 years) at the picture of Cinderella marrying Prince Charming.

We live in an increasingly complex society with so many temptations, confusing messages and distractions that can make any marriage a challenge.

Let’s be honest, being married has moments of joy and moments of despair. The secret to a happy marriage is…


If you’d like to become part of today’s couples who stay together till death parts you, there is no better way than taking the time, put in the energy and learn how to do it.

Almost 50% of all marriages will end in divorce or separation. The most commonly reported major contributors to divorce were lack of commitment, infidelity, and arguing/conflict.


It’s now time to take action and give your children the family they deserve with a mom and dad in a caring relationship.

It’s possible to change an unhappy marriage to a happy one. All it takes is one of a couple to step forward and say, “I will learn how to bring the change I wish to have!”. It’s even more powerful when both show up and say “let’s do it together!”

Now for the first time, I am not only helping couples who make use of my marriage counseling service. I am also helping couples in the reality tv series “Saving our Marriage” on SABC 3 on Wednesdays at 19h30 (repeat is Saturdays at 13h00).

And I am now offering my more than 30-year experience and expertise to you. Let me show you how:

Firstly, I encourage you to watch season 1 that was aired in 2018:

Marriage counsellor, Paul Nyamuda and I have worked with 3 couples over 13 episodes to help save their marriages.

We have completed season 2 recently, and this time we have helped 4 couples over 13 episodes. Season 2 is currently on air on SABC 3.

Watch these 2 videos of the 4 couples showing their pain and heartache in their marriages.

Do you perhaps relate?

Secondly, I offer you my free webinar called Relationship Restoration

Watch Relationship Restoration Webinar

Thirdly, I offer you a free e-book…

“It’s smart to save your marriage.”

What will you find in my free e-book?

  • How to identify cracks in your relationship and what to do about it.
  • 7 keys to successful relationships.
  • Fears that are withholding you from having an amazing relationship.
  • Relationships flourish when partners know how to communicate in each other’s values.
  • What are you willing to do to save your relationship?
  • How to know your relationship needs attention.

Why wait another day? Now is the best time to take action.

By simply clicking the button you not only will have access to the 13 episodes of Saving our Marriage reality tv series, AND a glimpse into the challenges of Saving our Marriage season 2’ 4 couples. You ALSO gain access to my free webinar “Relationships Restoration”


The free e-book called “It’s smart to save your marriage.”

Simply click this button to receive your free e-book.

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