“The same light you see in others is shining within you, too.”

I just wanted to remind you that you have infinite potential. Yes, it is your birthright to shine.

And it’s okay – sometimes we forget that we can shine. Sometimes we forget how to shine. Sometimes we forget that we are made up of light.

I’m going to tell you about a man I know who got a little lost in the dark. His name is Thomas and, after being hit with a nasty surprise (his wife of 15 years serving him with divorce papers), he just didn’t see how he could shine.

Here was a man in his mid-forties, with two young kids, a marriage about to end, and an entire spectrum of emotions he didn’t quite know how to process.

He was shocked. Angry. Sad. He thought his wife had been deceitful by having the divorce papers drawn up behind his back. He really felt as if life had pulled the rug out from underneath him.

So, Thomas reached out to me following a recommendation from a friend and long-standing client of mine. We had a chat, and I told him about a process of self-mastery that had changed many lives for the better.

Fast forward 8 weeks later and Thomas is truly shining. As a father, son, sibling, friend, and businessman. How did this all happen, you may ask?

Well, Thomas enrolled in my 8 Weeks to Shine process which helped him to:

  1. Dissolve feelings of anger, resentment, and bitterness he had toward his ex-wife.
  2. Discover what mattered most to him.
  3. Empower all seven areas of life.
  4. Give himself permission to chase after his heart’s desires.
  5. Develop the skills needed to overcome challenges.
  6. Develop and sustain a healthy mindset.
  7. Develop a deeper understanding of how to build strong relationships and strengthen existing ones.
  8. Grow his financial intelligence.
  9. Learn how to live a gratitude-filled life.

And wow! What an absolute privilege it has been to see Thomas own up to his birthright.

When I reflected on Thomas’ story it made me think about you.

Maybe, like he was, you’re also feeling….

“Stuck in a life you know could be better….

Overwhelmed by life’s challenges….

Or confused as to why things just don’t seem to work out for you….

If so, I want to reassure you that there IS a way forward to a better life.

Drop me an email to ilze@ilzealberts.com, and I share my key action step you can take to help you start the journey back to a fulfilling life, so you can truly shine like the star you were born to be.

From my heart to yours


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