Do you perceive your month is so much longer every month than your money?

Do you feel you the battle to get ahead because your expenses are more than your income?
Do you have the mindset of “I never have enough money” or “Money is the root of all evil”? Your mindset and behaviour about money determine your wealth and health as a mindset of anxiety, anger, blame, challenge, despair and depression about your finances will have a direct impact on your mental and physical health.

Your wealth is present in your life.

If you say to yourself “I don’t have enough money” it is just feedback to you that your wealth is not in your finances. Your wealth will be in the areas of your life that you consider being of highest importance and priority to you. If your health and physical wellbeing are of high priority and importance to you, you train regularly, you follow a healthy diet, you handle your stress well and you sleep enough, your wealth is in your health.
If your family is of high priority and importance to you and you dedicate your life to building strong relationships with your family members and you put your children, spouse and extended family as a high value for you, your wealth is in your family. If your work or business is of high priority and importance to you and you spend most of your time, energy, attention and focus on your career or business and making a success of your career or your business drives you and you are experiencing certain levels of success, your wealth is in your career or business.

What if your wealth is in another area of your life and not in your finances?

How do you create wealth in your finances as well as in your health or your family or your career or your business? The skills and “how-to” is available to everyone with the desire to change it and use the power of their mind and behaviour. You can acquire the skills and “how-to” by asking a very important question to yourself and the question is “why do I want to have my wealth in my finances?”

By listing the reasons why you wish to have wealth in your finances as well, will increase financial wealth in your priorities and importance.

I  suggest listing the reasons for your wish to have financial wealth not only in the accumulation of things (consumerism) but also in the value it will bring you to grow your money through saving and investing it. You spend your money according to your priorities and what is of importance to you and to enable you to grow your financial wealth, it is of importance to “spend” your money on what makes money grow, like savings and investing.
A person with the mindset and behaviour to have wealth in their finances, put it as a high priority and importance to save and invest because they understand the wonder of compound interest. Einstein called compound interest the 8th wonder of the world.

It does not matter how much you make. It matters what you do with what you make.


A mindset of shame and guilt about the way you have not grown your financial wealth is a negative mindset and counterproductive to having financial wealth and physical health.

Set yourself free from self-condemnation and self-judgment and rather use the power of your mind to change your money behaviour and mindset by rising having financial wealth in your values, importance and priorities by the action steps mentioned in the previous paragraph. Make sure you list enough “why’s” or benefits for you to have financial wealth and understand that up to this moment of insight, you have not had the awareness of how to change your financial destiny.

Money flows to where it is the most appreciated and looked after.
Warren Buffet


Your wealth is freely available for you in your service to others.

The bigger number of people you serve, the more your service fulfils the needs of others, the more you sell, the more money you make. Focus on delivering extraordinary service, put your heart in your service to others and focus on service. Money flows to excellent service delivery. People pay freely when they perceive what they pay for is of excellent service to him or her.

It does not matter how much money you make. It matters what you do with the money you make. You either have the mindset of consumerism or you have the mindset of growing your money for a bigger reason and purpose.

Change your mindset and behaviour from “I work so hard for my money” to “my money works so hard for me”. Watch how your wealth grows in your finances and how you have more money at the end of your month.
You are a financial genius and you apply your wisdom.

Ilze Alberts is a pre-eminent wealth psychologist and human behavioural specialist and she is known for her expertise in building powerful families, businesses and leaders. As a recognized leader in human behaviour and psychology, she has expert skills to work with businesses, families and individuals. She is an accomplished international speaker, author, teacher and human behavioural specialist. She offers her specialized service to families and family businesses as their behavioural strategist – a service for families and businesses seeking to be meaningful and prosperous for multi-generations.


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