Clarity of way forward and letting go of past pains

Sofie, a 59-year-old woman, sat in front of me, sharing how she has no desire to live anymore and how depressed and overwhelmed she feels.
She heard about my approach from a friend – a method that achieves quick results in a short period as you use the power of your mind to see life in a different light.  Sofie’s pain and challenges felt real as long as she continued to look at it in the same way.
I used my approach; I call “Look at life from both sides” to help Sofie move her perceptions of her last pain and challenges.

So how do I help somebody like Sofie get from a place of depression, darkness to a place of hope and direction?

The answer is Look at life from both sides.”
As I walked Sofie through her perceptions and what she perceived to be the facts of her situation – the stories she was telling herself – and we started to unpack the other side of these stories, she began to see another picture.
Sofie changed her perceptions, her “facts” started to change, her burden lifted, and she began to see the light again.
The Sofie if today is a different Sofie I met the first time. She believes in herself; she has a vision for her future. Sofie got promoted (yes at her age), and she lost weight. She let go of years of lopsided perception, incorrect facts and she is a new woman. Sofie checks in with me from time to time to ensure she stays on track.

Letting go of fears and feeling trapped

Norman, a 35-year-old man, contacted me and requested a coaching package. As we live on different continents, he asked for Skype or Zoom sessions. Norman was facing huge business fears. Business partners have poorly treated him, he felt bullied and he was fearful for his survival and self-preservation.

So how do I help somebody like Norman face his fears and get to the other side with hope, a new plan of action and feeling whole?

The answer is Look at life from both sides.”
I helped Norman to change the way he perceived his challenges. I helped `Norman to collapse his fears one by one, using both side approach.  I helped Norman to master plan his new life.
A person moving from fear into hope, action and feeling whole, becomes a new person. With a new outlook on life. A new zest in their steps. A new meaning and feeling purposeful.

Embracing the new

I received a request late afternoon from a client called Danelle. A woman in her mid-forties. She lives in another part of our country. The request read like this:
Hey there, don’t suppose you are free for a session this evening?
Yes, my clients have access to me, directly. Moreover, they know that I will be there for them when they need me. Also, if it is possible for me. We set up a FaceTime call for that evening.
Danelle was moving into a new season of her life, a new town and a new adventure the next day. She was anxious, nervous, uncertain and overwhelmed by all the new.

So how do I help somebody like Danelle embrace the new?

The answer is Look at life from both sides
We unpacked all her uncertainties, her nervousness and looked at each one from the other side. Sixty minutes late she looked at me on the phone screen and said “I am done. I have shifted. I am complete. Thank you.”
I thanked her for valuing herself enough to send me a message and asking for help.