“All we are is a result of what we have thought.” – Buddha

A few weeks ago, I joined my husband in Dubai.

He had just concluded business dealings, and I took the opportunity to meet him there so we could enjoy an international country together.

And we did!

But as we were preparing to return home (South Africa), we received a message from Emirates saying that all flights into South Africa were to be suspended because of the new Covid-19 threat. We did not know when the suspension of flights would be implemented.

As we drew closer and closer to our departure time the very next day, receiving no further announcements about suspended flights, we felt more positive.

However, our flight did get suspended.

My husband and I were caught off guard, but we also knew that we had to learn how to navigate this new world.

And so, we made sure that we were in alignment and agreed that the perfect plan was busy unfolding.

We don’t know and don’t need to know why things happen in life. It is thus wise to develop a mindset of, “I don’t need to know everything because I can’t know it all,” and rest in the assurance that things are working out for the higher good of everyone involved.

Now, we knew we wanted to get back into SA because we were approaching our December family time — our children and grandkids would be disappointed if we didn’t get back (and so would we). We decided to explore what options there were to get back into SA, knowing that if we couldn’t, we would also deal with that.

I’m happy to report that we managed to buy new flights out of Dubai, into Kenya, and from there to SA!

This is what I learned from that challenging experience: Life can, at any time, throw us curveballs.

We can plan.  We can be so meticulous. We can try so very hard to be in control and have things work out the way we want them to.

But that’s not always how life works.

What really touched my heart was the amount of support I received from a very special tribe of women who had joined my online course, Turning Point in 2021. These women really inspired me and cheered me on.

I also had the great opportunity of sharing with them how I was applying the skills I had been teaching to them: How to understand your “Judge” and accomplice “Saboteurs” and where they are coming from and to make the choice to be in your “Sage” or executive functioning instead.

And I am so grateful for discovering these tools — the tools made such a difference in guiding my approach to this challenge, teaching me approaches I’ve not had in the last 30 years of my professional life!

They’ve taught me that if I am certain about the end result that I choose, and focus on that, I am then able to respond to situations from a place of presence and trust instead of a place of victimhood.

Yes, we are all facing Covid-19 challenges again, wondering if our special holiday plans will get sabotaged. But this time, I choose to handle these challenges very differently.

I am choosing to approach them from a place of not having to be in control, of not needing to know exactly how I’m going to manifest my heart’s desires.

I am rather going to focus on choosing the end result of my heart’s desires. And focus on that. I know now “my focus becomes my reality.”

Audio recording:

If you would love to learn how to apply this process to manifest your heart’s desires, I have two options:

  • For the women, I have a 12-week online course called Turning Point starting 3 February 2022.
  • And for the gentlemen, I offer one-on-one consultations.

Reach out to me at ilze@ilzealberts.com or via WhatsApp if you would like to know more about this. We can chat about it (no strings attached, whatsoever), and you can decide what works for you.

So, from my heart to yours,


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