What happens in your marriage if you are negative about your partner?

Negative thoughts lead to the ABCDE’s of negativity and are marriage destroyers.

A stands for anger and aggression. If you are feeling negative about your partner you act with anger and aggression towards him or her. It contaminates the space between you.
B stands for bitterness and betrayal. You feel betrayed by your partner and therefor act with bitterness. This makes your body and mind acidic.
C stands for criticism and challenge. You become critical towards your partner if your main focus is on the challenges in your relationship. This creates more distance between the two of you.
D stands for despair and depression and these emotions follow the above ABC’s.
E stands for exit and you are now making plans to exit the relationship. You exit on an emotional first. The physical exit can follow which means separation and divorce.

If you only look at the negative aspects of your partner and your marriage you are on an exit road. If you also apply the ABCDE’s of positivity, you are on the way to saving your marriage.

A stands for acknowledging the traits and actions about your partner you like and admire.
B stands for believe in your partner’s best.
C stands for care – be caring towards your partner. This is a great marriage builder.
D stands for determination. Your determination to be a marriage saver not a marriage breaker.
E stands for eternity – “I will love you till deaths parts us” Choose love above destruction.

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