End of year reflections: Close off the year and make next year as great as you possibly can

Reflecting on what you can take from 2019 is the best way we can prepare to make 2020 as great as we possibly can.

I start every year with master planning my year in all areas of life, from my spirituality to my plans to serve others and make and grow money.
When I reflect on this year, I notice I have achieved no less than 85% of the goals I have set. The ones I have not achieved are the ones that lost importance to me along the year.

What stands out for me as highlights of my year are the following:

• I have focused on being more mindful. To be more the observer of what is happening to me, rather than being the main actor in the scenes of my life. I used an app on my phone called “Headspace” to help me with this.

I have read amazing books – both fiction and non-fiction. The 5 books that profoundly touched me in my growth and self-leadership are:

1. “Success through a positive mental attitude” by Napoleon Hill and
W Clement Stone. By the way, Napoleon Hill is top on my list of favourite authors.
2. “Becoming” Michelle Obama
3. “Why we sleep” Matthew Walker. What a mind-changing book!
4. The Princess series about the princesses of Saudi Arabia by Jean Sasson. Reading these books made me so grateful for the privilege of being a woman in South Africa.
5. “The moment of lift” Melinda Gates. I had the privilege to attend her talk in Johannesburg in October this year. I walked away even more determined to leave an inspiring legacy to my family and the world.
• My focus on service gave me multiple meetings with inspiring people, speaking at fancy events, appearing on tv and in the press. I am so deeply grateful for every opportunity and every person who choose me as their preferred Psychologist and Life Strategist.
• I have focused on cutting cost (cost is like fingernails say Warren Buffet. You need to cut it regularly). I saved a significant portion of my income because that is what wise people do.
• My daughter got married in Mauritius and we pulled off a magnificent wedding. My oldest son became financially independent from me by making his own money (Pwew, I am relieved). My youngest son made up his mind about his tertiary studies in 2021 and became head boy of his school for 2020. I grew even closer to my husband, the love of my life.
• I played golf with my husband and friends in Ireland, Mauritius and in South Africa. Although my handicap is not what I intended it to be (it went up, not down), I play with far less internal performance anxiety and more joy.
• Irrespective of having (or is it because of having it) an auto-immune disease for 40 years, I am as healthy as can be. I continued to do yoga, Pilates, played golf, walked, trained with my trainer, Maurizio to keep my flexibility and strength. I honour my health and make my diet, nutrition, exercise, supplements, stress management and 7-8 hours sleep a night my priority.

To reflect on your year, ask yourself the following questions:

1. How did I grow in the past year? Look at the 7 areas of life, namely spiritual, mental, business/career, finances, family, social and physical)
2. What were the biggest challenges I have overcome?
3. Who are the people in my life I want to express gratitude to for their impact on my life? Send them each your gratitude message.
4. What are the most memorable and stand-out moments of my year?
5. What am I most grateful for?

Write yourself a gratitude letter:

Dear Myself
We have been through another year and it’s time to reflect and acknowledge our self. I am so grateful for my growth this year. I can see my growth in the following ways……….
I acknowledge myself for overcoming the challenges of ……
I am so grateful for the following people in my life and for what they have done for me…….
What stands out for me about this year………….
I am deeply grateful for and say thank you for……..
I know this was not a perfect year. But no year is perfect. This was another year in which I learned more about myself and others. A year of learning to overcome challenges and create memorable moments. My next year will be as good, as challenging, as memorable as this one. I will work on my master plan for my life and do whatever it takes to reach my goals.
Thank you. I love you
From Me

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