Emotional rollercoaster rides. Stop, I want to get off!

Woke up this morning feeling up or down?
Finding yourself feeling hopeful at times, just to be facing feeling without hope the next minute?
Longing back to the before-lockdown-times and feeling uncertain about after-lockdown-times?
Feeling surprised by your emotional knee-jerk reactions and wondering where it’s coming from?
Facing guilt, fear, same and beating yourself up?

If you say yes to any of the above questions, we are in the same boat. I am so aware that these strange times we are finding us in, is bringing out the worst and the best in us. I have not faced such an emotional rollercoaster of a wide range of emotions in many years. I know I am not the only one as I am speaking to lots of men and women and I hear the same experiences all around me.

Emotions are feedback announcements to you. They tell you the following:

1 – Emotions tell you so much about you and when you listen carefully, you will learn so much about yourself.

2 – You only have emotions, positive or negative about things that are important to you.
You get angry when you perceive you are challenged in what is of importance to you. I am not a master chef. In fact, I am not a chef at all and when my family tells me I must stay out of the kitchen, I laugh and agree. I don’t get angry, because being a chef is unimportant to me. But, when someone tells me I am a bad mom or wife, I will have big emotions like anger, resentment or even guilt.

3 – You will feel good emotions when you perceive you are supported, encouraged and understood in what is of high importance and priority to you. If you are a business owner and your employees bring their support to you while working from home, you will feel satisfied and supported. But if your employees do the opposite of what you expect of them and you perceive they are challenging you, you will feel frustration, disappointment or even being the only one who cares about your business.

4 – Emotions help you to know what is really of authentic importance, priority and value to you. Welcome them as your best friend. Dark emotions tell you what you are perceiving your life is not the way you wish it to be and you feel stuck. Light emotions tell you all is on its way, in your perception. When your emotions feel overwhelming and their messages are screaming at you, do something about it. Talk to someone you trust, ask a mentor to help you or join a group or online transformation program. Just don’t try to do it on your own.

5 –  Are you using your “reset” button during the global pandemic time? Are you taking action to learn to know yourself better, be more authentic to yourself and grow yourself? Do you want to get the other side of what we are globally facing the same as before? Or do you want to see you have grown truer to yourself? Your emotions will help you to achieve it. Just listen carefully and take the right actions.
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