Circle of women

Thank you for showing up for yourself and saying you are interested in joining my 4-week masterclass called “Circle of Women.” Do you wish to grow your emotional intelligence, empower yourself, and share the journey with like-minded women? When you join, you will get access to the following:

1. Increase self-knowledge and know what questions to ask to know what is of highest importance and priority to you. Know yourself.
2. Emotional IQ skills – dealing with guilt, fear, challenges and what you perceive as “in your way.” Develop the 5 habits of highly effective people.
3. Self-empowerment – what are your authentic desires for your life? Connect to your highest goals and desires.
4. Design your roadmap and action steps to get to your desired goals.

The format is as follows:

Each MONDAY, for 4 consecutive weeks, you will receive a 60 minutes teaching video from me plus worksheets to watch and complete in your own time. It is essential to complete this before the follow-up Q&A and support Zoom meeting the following THURSDAY.

The purpose of each THURSDAY 60 minutes Q & A and support Zoom meeting following each MONDAY’S teaching video is to share experiences, ask questions, and offer support to each other. This is an important call to attend as it is for your support. This is the true nature of a circle of women.

I will create a safe space for women to explore, share, learn and grow.

I will also invite you to the private and members-only Facebook Group “Circle of Women,” where we will form a community. You will receive daily inspirations and encouragement.

The cost is as follow:

For South Africans R4997-00.

That is USD 210 or EUR 265 or GBP 240 or $300. You get at least 8 hours of teaching, support, and growing.

I am committed to helping you reach the goals you will set for yourself. This is a valuable investment you are making in yourself in a safe space. Women grow best in the relationship of mutuality, and I am so inspired to facilitate an excellent experience for you.

Start date of Circle of Women: Tuesday, 18 August 2020 @14h00 UTC (UTC+2:00)

Let me know by the latest Friday, 14 August 2020, that you wish to join. I will welcome you with open arms in the circle.

1) I just wanted to thank you for the really profound Circle of Women. The depth that you helped us to take the values exercise to was hugely profound for me. I am deeply grateful for the truth that you helped me discover/ unlock about me. Your helping me to realize that me seeking to understand my own truth is my highest value is one of the most profound realizations I have had on my journey thus far. I am so grateful for the healing this brings as it raises my perceived subconscious voids from my childhood to my conscious awareness so that I can now look for the other side and let it go in love & gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate all that you do share your wisdom and to empower the lives of your students.
Nicky Slow

2) Ilze, thanks so much for giving of yourself to the group. I am very grateful the world still produces human beings like you. Willing to give and help others see their own potential and light.
Amy Kleinhans-Curd

3) Absolutely grateful to have been privileged to join this journey with you all. Thank you for everyone’s contributions and showing up for each other.
Shofna Aziz

4) I don’t know how to thank the women in this group for being so vulnerable. As a mother, I soak up every little thing I can learn from other moms/businesswomen etc…. I think Ilze has created something incredibly special here.

Send me a Facebook message if you’d like to have a conversation to explore if this is right for you.
Please join my Facebook Group for members only. It is called “Families Extraordinaire,” and I post information, content, videos almost daily. This is the aim and purpose of this group:

The group’s aim and purpose are parents, kids, grandparents, stepfamilies, blended families, single parents, and in-laws who are all welcome in this group. The purpose is to share skills, ideas, methods, and approaches to build powerful and extraordinary families with inspired, fulfilled, purposeful family members. We make families that will last for multiple generations. I invite you to join me on this journey to establish strong and extraordinary families that will positively impact society and stand the test of time. A little bit about me: I am a family psychologist, master Demartini facilitator, anchor psychologist for “Saving our Marriage,” author of “Passing the Torch: Preserving family wealth beyond the third generation,” published by Wiley Bloomberg. A wife, mom, grandmom, and family matriarch.

Stay safe and invest in your mental, physical, and family health.

With love and gratitude