Change your life in one click!

“Self-help” and “self-mastery” have become buzz words and millions are on their own journeys, striving to get the help they want to live their best lives.  There are millions of self-help books, self-help blogs, articles, coaches and gurus. You can now be your own psychologist plus it’s all available online. You can find the help you want with one click!
Dr John Demartini, Human Behavioral Specialist, Educator, Internationally Published Author and Business Consultant holds a significant global space in the minds of millions of men and women searching for the tools to help themselves to live their best lives.
So does Tony Robbins, a world authority on leadership psychology, an entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist and the nation’s #1 Life and Business Strategist.  Both offer their services to a global audience. They touch millions of people’s lives and have their loyal “disciples”.

How do they each position themselves?

Dr John Demartini positions himself as a polymath who is dedicated to assisting men, women and children in acquiring “solutions to help you love your life”. He positions himself in the category of self-help and self-empowerment. The consumer places Dr Demartini as a human behaviour specialist who has developed a series of solutions applicable to all markets, sectors and age groups. He is the founder of the Demartini Method ®, a method he describes as “the tool with 1000 uses for enhancing your life.”
The competitive advantage of Dr John Demartini is he is mostly known for his method, Demartini Method ®, the method with 1000 uses. Anybody with a value on self-empowerment and self-help can learn to apply this method in their own lives. Another competitive advantage is his Demartini Value Determination  Process ®, a process that assists people in determining their authentic values, intrinsic motivation and highest priorities.


Tony Robbins positions himself as a world authority on leadership psychology -and the #1 Life and Business Strategist. He also positions himself the category of self-help. The consumer places him in their minds as a very knowledgeable man who has a lot of answers to life’s challenges and opportunities. They choose him for the self-help guru who helps you to become a better version of yourself.
The competitive advantage of Tony Robbins is his business skills and expertise. He was acknowledged by Accenture, Harvard Business Press, American Express and Fortune as a CEO Whisperer, one of top 200 business gurus and top 50 business intellectuals in the world.


Tony Robbins has a more considerable physical audience pull than Dr Demartini as he positions himself for the masses. Dr Demartini positions himself for the individuals who have the self-discipline and self-reliance to apply a method in the advancement of their lives.
How do they each differentiate themselves?
Tony Robbins differentiates himself from many other self-help gurus by his wide variety of products, live performances, published books and social media impact. He puts himself out there to teach and impact people’s lives. He is the man behind the wisdom, and he also has what he calls “hand-selected and trained Result Coaches”. People from all over the globe can have access to his mind, knowledge and wisdom by attending one of his life events, reading one of his many books, following him on social media, reading his blogs or using one of his Results Coaches.
Dr John Demartini differentiates himself from coaches, psychologists and self-help gurus in a similar way as Tony Robins – his wide variety of products, live performances, published books and social media impact. But his biggest differentiator is his  Demartini Method ®. This is a method that anyone can learn to apply – all they have to do is attend his program called Breakthrough Experience. His “Demartini Value Determination  Process ®” is another differentiator. In my view, the biggest differentiator is his method, because once a person learns how to apply it, they have a powerful tool for life.
Two significant influencers, two outstanding self-help gurus, both using their strengths to impact and influence thousands of people. They are a prime example of communicating their value and significance through their brand positioning and brand differentiation.