Change your mindset, change your wealth

It does not matter how much money you make. It matters what you do with the money you make. You either have the mindset of consumerism or you have the mindset of growing your money for a bigger reason and purpose.

Is your month longer than your money every single month? Do you battle to get ahead because your expenses are more than your income? Do you have the mindset of “I never have enough money” or “Money is the root of all evil”?

The way you think about and your attitude towards money determine your wealth and health. If your finances make you feel anxious, angry, hopeless, and depressed, you will suffer mentally and physically.

Wealth comes in many forms and it is present in your life. If you tell yourself “I don’t have enough money”, it means that your wealth does not lie in your finances; it is in other areas.

If you exercise regularly, follow a healthy diet, handle stress well, and get enough sleep, your wealth is in your health. Similarly, if your family is a high priority and you dedicate your life to building strong relationships with your spouse or partner, and your children your wealth is in your family. If your work or business comes first and you spend most of your time and energy on making a success thereof, your wealth is in your work.

But how does one create wealth in your finances, as well as in your health, family, career, or business?


The knowledge is available to everyone with the desire to change. You can acquire the skills by asking yourself this important question: “Why do I want to have my wealth in my finances?” By listing the reasons, you will increase the importance of financial wealth in your priorities. These reasons should not only be to acquire and accumulate things, but also consider the value it will bring you to grow your money through saving and investing.


Feeling shameful and guilty about not having grown your financial wealth is a negative mindset and counterproductive to being financially and physically healthy.

Get rid of self-condemnation and self-judgment and rather use the power of your mind to change your attitude towards and mindset about money. When you list your reasons for wanting to be financially wealthy, make sure you come up with enough “whys” or benefits and understand that up to this moment of insight, you have not had the awareness of how to change your financial destiny.
Change your mindset and behaviour from “I work so hard for my money” to “my money works so hard for me”. And watch how your wealth grows in your finances and how you have more money at the end of your month.

Your money is a reflection of yourself. Change yourself. Change your money. Change the world. Wealth counselling gives you the perspective shifts you need to make these changes. To start making a change today, call or email us to book +27 60 743 4143/