Build your powerful family with the end in mind

The most essential thing in life is family and love. Nothing is better than going home to family and put your arms around each other.
When I got married many years ago, I had stars in my eyes and dreams of living happily ever after. Little did I know at my young adult age that stars can shoot and to live happily ever after takes lots of dedication, hard work, having the right mindset and determination.
I wish I knew then what I know now. I wish I knew then how important it is to begin marriage and to build a family with the end in mind. What does the end in mind look like that brings stars to my eyes and make a living happily ever after not just a fantasy but my reality? I am now many years older, wiser, with grown-up children and even a grandchild. It is my heart’s desire to pass the torch and show the light on how to build your powerful family.
What gives me the credibility to be so confident I can be a wise mentor? I have built my powerful family while going through the experiences of divorce, death, step-families, blended families, sibling rivalry, challenges and many moments of uncertainty. I have also built my powerful family using many top-notch life skills, principles and mindsets with the end in mind. I have invested my adult life in equipping myself with human behaviour understanding combined with psychology.
Start putting your end in mind on paper and write down what your vision is for your family. Use the seven dimension of life we refer to as the wheel of life as a starting point: spiritual, mental/mind, work, money, family, friends and physical.
Your family vision is your GPS for building your powerful family.

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