I have listened in anticipation to our president’s address to the nation, Sunday night 15 March 2020. He announced South Africa to be a National State of Disaster with travel bans, schools closing, social distancing, working from home, and increased personal hygiene. Every one of us needs to take responsibility for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our country. Every action step to wash hands, elbow greet, sneeze in a tissue and look after our mental and physical health, is a contribution towards combatting this worldwide threat. It’s up to us to be the change agents.

Here are some practical actions I can offer to help you, your family, your business, and your community:


1. For your family and you:

I will continue to provide consultations. I have been working with clients internationally, using Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, Zoom. It is as effective as sitting face to face in the same room. If you want to book a virtual consultation with me, contact info@bellvida.co.za. We will return to face to face consultations as soon as humanly possible.

2. For your business:

How to increase your employee’s engagement, irrespective if they work at your office or from home.

Gallup study of 2014 reports as little as 15% employee engagement in most companies.
I set up Zoom sessions (during the social distancing phase) with your employees (no more than 10 in a group) and take them through the following process:

– I guide them to determine what is of the highest importance, priority, and value to them.

When a person perceives their job assists them to fulfill what is of highest importance, priority, and value, they become inner driven, enthusiastic, focused, disciplined, and engaged. Your ideal employee that can work for you anywhere.

– I assist them in screening each of their job descriptions from 0-10 engagement.

An increase in engagement can be tracked over time.

– I assist them in linking how specifically will doing each action step of their particular job duties help them to fulfill their highest values.

When employees see how they can fulfill their top highest values (priorities, importance) by fulfilling their job duties, they become engaged employees, who cannot wait to serve customers or clients.

– I lastly assist employees to see how they can fulfill their highest values (priorities, importance) by fulfilling the company’s mission and vision.

Engaged employees who perceive how what they are doing daily at work is assisting them to fulfill what is of highest value to them, will be congruent, inspired, and engaged. You can then rest assured they will continue to perform their job duties, even when working from home.
The facilitation is a 3-4 hours process per group of 20. If you want to book me for this business employee engagement process, contact info@ilzealberts.co.za.

3. For your children:

I am one of the original co-founders of Au Pair Extraordinaire https://www.aupair-extraordinaire.co.za. It now belongs 100% to my daughter, Charne Peters. charne@aupair-extraordinaire.co.za.

They are putting the following in place to assist parents during the schools closing and kids at home:

We are implementing a ‘school-at-home’ and ‘play-at-home’ for kids right from 0-18 years old during this pandemic. School going kids will receive reinforcement with their online teaching, and our littlies will receive stimulation. We will place au pairs/tutors/teachers with families who need this service, and they will hold the incredibly important responsibility of maintaining and reinforcing our children’s education.”
Au Pair Extraordinaire campaign:
Ladies and gents, as we all know, schools will be closed as of Wednesday 18 March 2020. Moms and dads are in dire straits, they still need to work- be it from home, or from an office. Kids’ educations are going to suffer if we do not intervene quickly. Schools may be able to give lessons online, but we all know kiddos are going to battle to stay focused with online classroom environments.
We are calling all our candidates to mobilise, let’s be a part of the silver lining, the efforts to keep our youth actively engaging in their education while we wait this thing out. Let’s keep our economy going by allowing parents to work and keeping our own heads above water.
We are implementing a ‘school-at-home’ and ‘play-at-home’ for kids right from 0-18 years old during this pandemic. School going kids will need tutoring and reinforcement of their school’s online teaching/learning/classrooms, and our littlies will need to be stimulated.
We will place you with families in close proximity to you who are in need of this service, and you will hold the incredibly important responsibility of maintaining and reinforcing our children’s education.
We are extremely mindful of our candidates’ safety, if we are encouraged to quarantine we will adhere strictly to the policies and start implementing ‘school support one-on-one online learning’ wherever possible.
If you want to be part of this initiative, please send us an email on charne@apeo.co.za – let us know which ages you can work with, where you live and how soon you can start.
We will overcome this, together.
Charne – Director – Au Pair Extraordinaire

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