“Once you begin to understand and truly master your thoughts and feelings, that’s when you see how you create your own reality.” – Marci Shimoff

When you woke up this morning, what thoughts and feelings did you have? Were they the same or similar thoughts and feelings you had yesterday, and the day before yesterday? Perhaps you thought about how stressful your job is and felt stressed about going to work. Perhaps you thought about all the expenses adding up and felt worried or anxious. And perhaps you’ve wondered why you continue to create the same circumstances in your life despite wanting something different. See, YOU are creating your life with your thoughts and feelings. Yes, you are that powerful! Understanding how we, as human beings, influence our reality requires a leap into the world of science, physics, and…quantum physics.
Joe Dispenza helps make that “leap” by breaking down the “hard stuff” in his book, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.” Here we go… Mind and Matter The earlier view, based on the work of René Descartes and Sir Isaac Newton, was that mind (energy) and matter were separate. However, Albert Einstein later came up with an equation (E=mc2) that shows that energy and matter are so fundamentally related, they are one and the same. This eventually led to a new field of science, called quantum physics.
Before the emergence of quantum physics, people believed that an atom — the building block of all physical things — was relatively solid. The quantum model has now revealed an atom to be mostly empty space — atoms are energy. At the subatomic level, the elements of an atom do not follow the same laws of physics larger objects do. With larger objects, things are predictable and reproducible. But, electrons (an element of an atom), tend to behave unpredictably: When electrons move toward the centre of an atom they continuously appear and disappear, essentially showing up all over the place. It is only when someone focuses attention on the position of any one electron, does that electron appear. PLEASE READ THIS AGAIN. So, when someone (the observer) looks for an electron, all probabilities of the electron collapse into a single physical event. This shows that mind and matter must be related because the subjective mind can and does effect changes on the objective physical world. What does this say for us? Well, if our minds can influence the appearance of an electron, we can influence the possibility of any reality. However, we must remember that a “state of mind” includes the physical body. Mind and body must be aligned in order to create change. There must be coherence between what we think (thoughts) and feel (feelings). This is best illustrated by a study conducted by cellular biologist Dr Glen Rein. Dr Rein tested healers’ ability to alter the state of biological systems by asking them to hold test tubes containing DNA for 2 minutes. The healers were divided into 3 groups:
  • Those that would hold the test tubes while experiencing elevated feelings of love and appreciation (feeling)
  • Those that would hold the test tubes while experiencing elevated feelings of love and appreciation AND having an intention to either wind or unwind the strands of DNA (feeling and intention)
  • Those that would hold the test tubes while having an intention to either wind or unwind the DNA strands (intention)
It was only the group that had heightened emotions AND a simultaneous intention to either wind or unwind the DNA strands that produced changes in the shape of the DNA. This proves that when thoughts and feelings are aligned, the desired outcome follows. How does this work? We communicate with the quantum field using both thoughts and feelings. Combined, how we think and feel produces an electromagnetic signature that influences the atoms in the world. All potential experiences exist in the quantum field as electromagnetic signatures. Once we are able to match the electromagnetic signature of a potential experience we desire, it will find us. This blows my mind! I love using universal laws in creating the life I desire and to help others do the same. Do you now see how your thoughts and feelings create your reality? Would you love to create a different reality for yourself? And live a more desired life, with meaning and purpose? Drop me an email at Ilze@ilzealberts.com or WhatsApp me if you do. I love helping amazing people (like you) manifest their heart’s deepest desires and live a more purposeful, inspired life. We can chat on a “no strings attached” call about your needs and how I potentially can be your mentor. From my heart to yours, Ilze

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