Investec Private Bank is my personal choice for a bank. Investec holds a strong brand, portraying professionalism, expertise, and the extraordinary. As an Investec client for many years, I am impressed by their effective internal marketing and branding. The customer service, from my personal banker, his assistant, to the call centre is a showcase of the effectiveness of a culture of the extraordinary and effective internal marketing. This is a bank that has successfully encouraged and inspired their employees to live and embody the bank’s values.  The behaviour and attitude of the employees of Investec show their acceptance of Investec’s inspiring values, which are the following:

Investec strives to be a distinctive specialist bank and asset manager driven by a commitment to their core philosophies and values, namely:

  • Integrity
  • Distinctive performance.
  • Client focus.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit.

Based on the Forbes interview with Richard Branson and his critical factors for customer satisfaction, I state that Investec applies most of these factors. They focus on superior customer service. They appoint their employees as their greatest asset and hire them for their professionalism, capabilities and being smart. My personal experience with Investec employees has been exceptional. Investec says “we employ extraordinary individuals to Perform in out of the Ordinary ways.” and I have personal experience of it.

Finding the right people

Marc Kahn, Global Head – HR and Organisational Development says: ‘We focus enormous energy on finding the right people for our culture and put them in environments in which they can flourish because culture is our competitive edge.” He further shares what makes Investec’s culture different is that they celebrate the individuality of their employees and clients.

How does Investec develop their employees?

Investec offers leadership development programmes, including cross-divisional engagement and covers areas such as self-awareness, self-efficacy, performance management and giving feedback. The learning opportunities for their senior management are offered at the following institutions:

  • Singularity University
  • Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellowship
  • Harvard Business School
  • Insead

Investec’s brand contact process is consistently the same. Whenever I phone
the call centre for support, without fail, every person working at the support call centre has been efficiently trained, showed expertise, was professional and offered me out of the ordinary service. I have been an Investec client now for 14 years, and without fail, I have experienced the same.
Another touch point is the service I have personally received from my personal banker and his assistant. Every phone call is returned within hours (I have direct cell phone access to my private banker) and every email is responded to within 24 hours. I have even assisted my family members in having their own Investec accounts, a valued accomplishment. I am indeed one of Investec’s word by mouth advertisements.
We all know how important it is for brands to deliver on their promises. Investec is delivering on their promises of extraordinary service, integrity, distinctive performance, client focus and encouragement of entrepreneurial spirit. I have found this to be true every step of my journey with Investec.
Investec does not only create a positive experience; every contact serves a purpose and is enjoyable. In a world of many unpleasant customer service experiences, finding a brand with a consistent customer service experience is a rare find.
What makes Investec even more unique is client service is all online or telephonic. Even when you do not meet the person from Investec on the other side of your email or your phone call, you feel valued as a client. You feel essential to Investec and its employees. Investec appreciates the “out of the ordinary” service and products and offers the brand promise to us, the clients.
Grant, 2008 states:  “Brands that understand, and successfully practise their identity are able to achieve unique experiences that align with and achieve the brand purpose”. Investec is indeed an exceptional example of this in offering a genuinely unique experience, consistently.
I am a delighted Investec client.
You are looking for a private bank that will exceed the expectations of the consumer? Look no further. Investec Private Bank offers it all.