Relationship between husband and wife as the foundation of the family

When you got married you had the wish that it will last forever. . Nobody gets married with the decision that it won’t last. It is hard work, takes time, attention and focus on the marriage to make it work. About half of marriages end in divorce. What can you do to make yours be part of the fifty percent of marriages and relationships that last forever?
The first rule is to make your marriage your most important relationship. How do you continue to build your relationship with your mate you have chosen for life? Love them for whom they are, boots and all and do not try to change each other. You’re in for endless frustration and resentment if you try to change your mate.
Rule two for a strong marriage is to look how you make each other possible. Just as an example: The wife usually takes care of the nurturance of the family. That includes he physical well being of the family and the social life of the family. She takes care of the house, the pets, the garden.
The husband takes care of the safety and security of the family through providing. He pays the bond for the family home. He takes care of the future financial well being of the family. He runs the family budget. Many wives also contribute to the finances. Wives taking care of the well being and nurturance of the family and kids. Husbands are the protectors and providers. Be grateful for each other and express your thankfulness often.
Rule number three of a strong marriage is to do life together. Do things together as well as doing things apart from each other. Give each other special and focused time. Have time for yourself and your interest and priorities. In other words have we- time, family-time and me-time.
When you give too much of yourself to others in your family, you tend to become angry, bitter, resentful. Remember to value yourself as well. Compare your marriage to your own goals and wishes for your marriage. Guard against comparing your marriage to any other marriage.  Count your blessings in your marriage.
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